Coltex was founded in 1989.

Located in Joinville, Santa Catarina, Coltex Indústria Têxtil was founded in 1989, by Valdecio de Oliveira and his wife Zélia. With more than twenty-five years of history and success, what made Coltex grow the most was betting on its employees, customers and suppliers with unique potential. Its business management focuses on sustainable development and contributing to the growth of the community and even the country.

Through extensive research, using advanced technology, Coltex has built its image by producing high quality fabrics in Lingerie, Fitness and Beachwear lines. Its purpose is to meet and surpass customer’s expectations, therefore, in addition to all research and development, stylists conduct studies on fashion trends before launching a new fabric in the market, be it patterned or plain. At Coltex, that’s how it is, putting people's desires always in first place! Our values: generosity, perseverance, initiative, optimism and simplicity.

Our history

  1. Coltex was founded in 1989.

    A small haberdashery shop is set up on July 1, 1989 under the name of Colcha de Retalhos.

  2. Production of fabrics for the Fitness and Lingerie lines begins, now under the name Coltex Indústria Têxtil Ltda.

  3. Installation of the new industrial park where it’s located until today.

  4. Construction of the second block in the industrial park.

  5. Implementation of the methanoic methodology, further strengthening its team and customer service.

  6. Enters the Beachwear fabric line Emana Homologation.

  7. Digital printed textile sales begin.

  8. Sale of ecological fabric Speed Soul Eco begins.


Technologies and differentials

Our Numbers

7491 km

The coast of Brazil is 7491 kilometers long.

2nd Place

According to the IHRSA Global Report, Brazil is the second country with the highest number of fitness center per inhabitant.

U$ 30 Bi

The Lingerie market makes more than $ 30 billion worldwide annually.